Hope Springs - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

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Hope Springs is back by popular demand. We made this blend as a Limited Edition in the Spring of 2021. Since so many people loved it, we've brought it back...permanently!

This is a citrus forward, uplifting & fatigue fighting blend. It's easy for the whole family to enjoy with it's happy, cheery aroma.

Hope Springs contains the 100% pure essential oils of Lime, LemongrassLavender. 

  • Uplifting, Happy
  • Energizing, Revitalizing
  • Anti Depressive
  • Nervous Exhaustion

Comes in a 10ml  or 30ml amber glass bottle with dropper

Warning: Keep out of reach of children & pets. Highly concentrated, dilute properly before use. Keep away from eyes & mucous membranes.

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