Fluorite Worry Stones

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Worry Stones are comforting gemstones and crystals that you can hold in your palm. Rub with your fingers or thumb to reduce worry and stress.

Highly polished semi-precious Fluorite stones are smooth to the touch. Easy to carry in pockets and bags and a great way to appreciate the natural beauty of gemstones. Ideal for collecting, gifting, jewellery making or to use as worry stones.

The colour of fluorite (also called fluorspar) ranges anywhere from an almost clear with green hue to a mix of deep purple and green. Some fluorite even has an aqua colour.

As a healing stone it grounds excess energy. Excellent for the mind, as it helps one to grasp higher ideals and advances the cognitive process. An important balancer and healer because of its bipyramidal shape embodying the concept of the heavens and earth being a mirror image of each other.

Each stone varies slightly in colour. Most are 3-5cm in diameter and 5mm thick.