Lavender Linen Water

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Lavender Linen Water
Lavender Linen Water

Product Note: We are making our Lavender Linen Water in a different shaped bottle as the original bottle is unavailable to us.

Keep your home and linens feeling fresh & clean

Lavender Linen Water contains the essential oils of Lavender & Peppermint that will help you to create a peaceful & inviting environment.

The peppermint combined with the lavender gives a scent of crisp clean sheets. The aroma is both uplifting and de-stressing.

Spray this on your sheets in the morning when you make your bed, or at night before sleep. The perfect addition to your bedroom or guest room and makes the perfect hostess gift.

This can also be used a a natural home scent to keep rooms fresh. Spray on couches, rugs, curtains, animal area's (*Always be sure to test delicate fabrics first).

Lavender Linen Water comes in a 250ml Aluminum bottle with white spray top.

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