Black Pepper Pure Essential Oil

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Black Pepper Pure Essential Oil (Piper nigrum) is a beautiful oil. It's aroma is not as spicy as you might think. It's deep,sweet, a little spicy and it packs a therapeutic punch.

Black Pepper is a Middle to Top Note in Aromatherapy.

The Essential Oil is steam distilled from the Black Peppercorns


Any time you're using Black Pepper, use just a little. This powerful oil is warming to the body, a wonderful addition if you're making a pain relieving oil, or an oil for tired or fatigued bodies.

When added to your diffuser, it adds depth to other oils. Mixed with other tree oils in the diffuser or added to other spice oils they become deeper and more intense.

Combine with Rosemary and Basil EO for use in memory blends.

Comes in a 10ml amber glass bottle with dropper Caution: Keep out of reach of children. This is a spice oil, so be extra careful