Essential Oils For The School Year

Are Essential Oils  on your back-to-school year checklist? That single fancy pen, a tantalizingly empty notebook, and a neon arsenal of highlighters are all fantastic purchases, but without the motivation to use them, they won't facilitate studying, calm sleeps, or fun hangouts with friends.

This interconnected trifecta of mental health can't be found on many required materials lists, though it's well known that good mental health is imperative for a successful year at school. The energy and focus needed to tackle the all academic aspects of school can be daunting.



So here's our top 3 picks of Essential Oil products for students heading into another year to keep them relaxed, calm and well rested:

1. Headache Relief  - This lifesaver is a 'must have'. Takes all the stress out of your neck & shoulders in just a few short minutes. Simply roll across the back of your neck, spread the oil around a bit, and wait. You'll be amazed that it works so fast. Goodbye headaches, tension behind the eyes and neck stress. It doesn't matter where the tension or pain, roll it across the back of your neck.
*Note* The younger you are, the less you need. Just a few 'dots' on the neck of a student under 12.
2. Dream Weaver - This is the night time Aromatherapy spray choice of students. A sleepy blend of Lavender & Roman Chamomile makes an easy to like, and extremely relaxing spray. Just spray in your room, and on your pillows and sheets. Inhale deeply (this really helps), and let your body sink into a restorative sleep.
3. Keep Calm Diffuser Bracelet - Anxiety and Overwhelm are common feelings amongst our population, and especially among students. Life offers challenges and we have to have natural tools to handle them. Add a couple of drops of Keep Calm Essential Oil Blend (with Lavender, Sweet Orange, Cedarwood Atlas & Vetiver) to the lava beads of a diffuser bracelet and head out for the day. Whenever a little calm and focus is needed, simply inhale the oils off the bracelet.  Easy & Effective.

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