Anti Stress Aromatherapy Mister

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Anti Stress Essential Oil Aromatherapy Spray Victoria BC
Anti Stress Aromatherapy Mister

Life is hard sometimes but don't let it get you down.

The Anti Stress Aromatherapy Mister contains stress relieving, 100% Pure Essential Oils that will leave you feeling relaxed, calm & uplifted. This blend contains the essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Fennel and Roman Chamomile.

These oils aid in relaxation and calm, but in an energetic and happy way that is not sleepy. This is one for the office or home when you need to breathe deeply and keep going. If you're looking for a product for a family or work space, this is a good choice. With a pepperminty scent, the Essential Oils it contains are universally enjoyed. Our Aromatherapy Misters are both a room and body spray.

The instructions on the bottle say 'Shake, Spray and Breathe'. When you breathe in feel the way the essential oils change your body's moods & emotions. Truly amazing.

Comes in a 120ml aluminum bottle with a black spray top. 

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