Scar Reducing Body Oil

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Scar Reducing Body Oil
Scar Reducing Body Oil
Scar Reducing Body Oil

If you've got new injuries or old scars, you're going to need this oil!

We've blended amazing, regenerative Carrier Oils and Essential Oils together to make our Scar Reducing Oil.

This is a very healing blend of oils meant to heal wounds and skin faster, providing much less scarring or no scarring at all. If you've got older scars, this oil will help it fade the smooth the skin.

Directions: Massage into scarring or freshly healed wounds 2x/day.

Here's a little info on the Carrier Oils we include:

Rosehip Oil - The number one oil for prevention and diminishment of scars. A wonderful carrier oil that's proven to heal wounds faster and diminish scarring Study

Camellia Seed Oil -  This wonder oil from Japan, Camellia is High in Oleic Acid and is skin replenishing oil that is anti inflammatory, fades scars, diminishes stretch marks and inflamed cell tissues.

Argan Oil - We love this rich oil from Morocco for all kinds of skin and hair growth and health. Known as an anti aging oil for the face, Argan Oil encourages cell regrowth so the perfect addition to reduce scarring.

St. Johns Wort Oil - plays a vital part of all wound healing, pain relieving and cell generation. This deep red oil was wildcrafted in Vernon BC by infusing the fresh flowers into Grapeseed Oil. 

The Essential Oils we've added to this blend boost and accelerate wound healing and reduce the signs of scarring. Combining these essential oils together makes for a powerful healing blend.

Essential Oils added: Frankincense, Carrot Seed, Helichrysum, Lavender & Patchouli