Patchouli Luffa Soap - Pacific Coast Soap Works

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Mmmmmm, the smell of Patchouli is dreamy! Patchouli's incense like aroma is perfect for soap. Everytime you wash your hands, the aroma reminds you that "all is well" and to be more grounded.   This is a Luffa bar, so helps with instascrubbing your hands.

Soap made by hand at Pacific Coast Soapworks in the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada. "Our handmade soap is dyed naturally with organic juiced veggies, charcoals, roots, herbs, spices, clay's and other botanical's for colour, scented only and always with therapeutic grade essential oils. Created with care and ethics and laughter and fun."

Ingredients: coconut oil, virgin olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, annatto and/or turmeric, essential oil of patchouli

140g bar of soap.