Mandarin Spice Soap - Pacific Coast Soap Works

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A wonderful blend of spicy essential oils, clove, cinnamon, ginger, and mandarin. Warm citrus. Cold-pressed mandarin essential oil, is a perfect skin rejuvenation, it will refresh you the ground up herbs will stimulate the mood and senses. 

Soap made by hand at Pacific Coast Soapworks in the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada. "Our handmade soap is dyed naturally with organic juiced veggies, charcoals, roots, herbs, spices, clay's and other botanical's for colour, scented only and always with therapeutic grade essential oils. Created with care and ethics and laughter and fun."

Ingredients: coconut oil, virgin olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide,essential oils and herbs of mandarin, clove, cinnamon, ginger, annatto seed and/or turmeric seed, activated charcoal 

140g bar of soap.