Helichrysum Pure Essential Oil

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Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) is also referred to as Immortelle and Everlasting. These names are indicative of the profound healing and anti aging properties of this trusted oil.

This oil is a skin regenerating oil and can be found across the world in the best anti aging facial products, giving it the name 'Immortelle' and 'Everlasting'.

Not only will this oil make you look fantastic, it is incredibly healing. We go to Helichrysum specifically for quick healing of sprains and bruises, relying on it's deep anti inflammatory benefits.

The aroma of Helichrysum is rich, woody, earthy and spicy. A completely unique aroma.

Helichrysum comes from the hills of Corsica in Italy and is a rare and precious oil, so please use accordingly.

Comes in an amber glass bottle with dropper.