Deep Sleep Essential Oil Roll On

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Deep Sleep Essential Oil Aromatherapy Roll On Victoria BC
Deep Sleep Essential OIl Roll On Victoria BC
Deep Sleep Essential OIl Roll On Victoria BC

Fall into a restful, calm sleep  and STAY ASLEEP with this blend of Essential Oils to help relax your Body & Mind.

We all need a Deep Sleep.  This Aromatherapy Roll On contains a blend of Pure Essential Oils including Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver & Sweet Marjoram. The Lavender and Roman Chamomile act as sedatives. The Vetiver relaxes your nervous system, and helps calm the body and mind.

Did we mention that the Deep Sleep also helps control snoring?  The Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil is not only a sedative, but is specific to snoring. This is one of our most popular products. We have been making this since 2004 with happy and well rested customers coming back for another bottle every 6 months to a year.


  • Unscrew black cap
  • Roll on your wrists, the front of your neck & your temples. (a little under your nose is optional)
  • Hold your wrists up to your nose and inhale deeply 2 or 3 times.
  • That's it. The essential oils you breathe in signal your brain that it's time to sleep and begin to relax your nervous system. The oils that are applied to your body will be absorbed into your bloodstream and relax your body from the inside out.
  • Lay down in a cool, dark and quiet room. A light cloth over your eyes is always recommended, this not only blocks out light, but further relaxes your nervous system.
Comes in a 10ml clear glass vial with a metal rollerball for easy application.

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