How To Make Pain Relieving Bath Salts With Essential Oils

Feeling Some Pain? Learn how to make your own Pain Relieving Bath Salts Using Pure Essential Oils.

If your body is sore from arthritis, physical labour, working out, fibromyalgia or cold & flu, you can whip up your own pain relieving bath salts.

This recipe was made at Soulful Sister Aromatherapy in Victoria, BC. We have tons of recipes and ideas on our Facebook Page and essential oil tips on our Instagram!


Let's get right to the Recipe 

1. Pour 1 Cup of Epsom Salt into a clean mixing bowl.

Epsom Salt is probably the most common and easy to find Salt.  Essentially this salt is Magnesium, which is great for sore, achy muscles and bodies. Perfect for athletes, people who work with their bodies, stress and anxiety and cold and flu symptoms.
  • This recipe can be made with all Epsom Salt or any combination of the salts listed. Use what you have available.




 2. Pour 1/2 Cup Of Sea Salt Into The Epsom Salt. 

Sea Salt is simply amazing and that is the reason it has been used in hydrotherapy for centuries.  It contains over 50 minerals and has a wide range of benefits for your body. Helping with skin softening, skin healing, inflammation, muscle pain, relaxation, stress, circulation, lowering blood pressure, detoxification, mental clarity and digestion.
  •  You can use coarse or fine grain sea salt. Course sea salt is uncomfortable to sit on, so make sure it's dissolved before getting in tub.




3. Add In 1/2 Cup Of Pink Himalayan Salt.

Pink Himalayan Salt is a luxurious salt to add to your mix. It has similar properties to the regular Sea Salt of skin softening, skin healing, inflammation, muscle pain, relaxation, stress, circulation, lowering blood pressure, detoxification, mental clarity and digestion, but it also has an energetic component.

It provides your body 84 trace minerals plus a unique ionic energy that is released when the salt is mixed with water. The ions calm and clear your energy field and allow you to emerge from the tub with clear and clean space.

A soak in Pink Himalayan Salt not only cleans your skin, improves circulation, diminishes pain and improves skin conditions, it also calms your brain. A meditative practice can be sitting in a hot salt bath for 20 min.


4. Add 1/4 Baking Soda To The Salts

Baking Soda adds a beautiful softness to your bath water. It also helps soothe irritated skin and generally makes your bath feel more luxurious.
  • The amount of baking soda can be altered depending on what you have at hand. Even 1-2 Tablespoons would be wonderful.



5. Stir All the Salts And Baking Soda Together

Use the back of your spoon to remove any lumps in the salts or Baking Soda. Leaving the lumps in will not effect your bath salts, only the look of them!



6. Add 15 - 20 Drops Of Pure Essential Oil

This is always the fun part!

The most important part here is to be sure to use 100% Pure Essential Oils. 

We are adding exactly 18 drops of 100% Pure Essential Oils to the Bath Salts we made.

If you have acute pain, you can increase the amount of Essential Oil to 30-35 drops. Do not increase for children.

All of these EO's have analgesic (pain relieving) properties with Juniper Berry being specific to joint pain.


Essential Oil Cautions:

If you are every concerned about the use of essential oils with your condition(s), please do some quick googling for online info, and of course double check with your primary health person. Safety First!

*Juniper Berry:  Do not use if you are pregnant or have kidney disease. Just remove it from the recipe and add a few more drops of the other oils.

*Rosemary: Rosemary Oil should be avoided by anyone with epilepsy or seizures. Also avoid If you have high blood pressure.  Rosemary increases circulation, great for most of us, not great if you suffer with high blood pressure. It's easy enough to remove the Rosemary from this recipe if you need. It will still be great!





7.  Stir In The Essential Oils Very Well

This might take a few minutes to really incorporate the essential oils into the Salts. You will be able to breathe in the wonderful aroma of the oils while stirring.





8. Spoon Your Bath Salts Into Clean Jars

You probably have some great jars around the house. Think of jam or canning jars or other cool jars you've saved over the years. As long as it has a tight fitting lid and it's clean, it'll be perfect for storing your bath salts.

We often make these recipes in large amounts and keep them in the bathroom all prepared for the next time our body needs it.









  • All citrus oils are Photo-toxic, meaning they can be irritating to skin when in direct sunlight or in a hot bath. You can add a few drops of citrus as part of a blend if you mix with bath salts first, never add citrus directly to bath water.
  • Always test essential oils on skin to be sure of no sensitivities.
  • Bath Salts can make the tub slippery, please be cautious when getting in and out.
  • Please consult your health provider before using if you have any health conditions. 

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