Using Pure Essential Oils to help fall asleep is a very wise move. It's such an effective way of helping the brain shut down and the muscles relax in preparation for a Deep Sleep.

    We've all heard of the calming powers of Lavender Essential Oil, but that's just one! There are so many more, and when we combine calming oils like Lavender to some other oils that calm the nervous system and help the brain stop racing, the outcome is downright SLEEPY.

    There are a few choices for Sleepy products depending on your age and your preferences of aromas.

    Our Deep Sleep is our strongest sleep aid. This is an amazing product for getting the mind to calm down.

    We recommend the Dream Weaver line for kids under 18. They just prefer the simplicity of the aroma. We also recommend Mandarin Essential Oil for children's difusers. It's happy, calming and sleepy.