Christmas is Coming! We can't hide from it any longer.

    We've made a short gift guide for you. Of course any of our products at Soulful Sister would make amazing gifts. This collection might help steer you in the right gift direction.

    Deep Sleep Roll On - This is for anyone you know (including yourself) that doesn't get to sleep or stay asleep. This stuff works and has been one of our bestsellers for 18yrs. All you need to do is roll it on your wrists and temples, rub your wrists together and take 3-4 deep inhales right before bed.The Deep Sleep is adult strength so suitable for 15+. We usually find the younger people prefer the Dream Weaver Mister.

    Headache Relief Roll On - Not only for those who get headaches, this is for anyone who carries their tension and stress in their neck and shoulders. This one works quickly to relieve that pain. Roll across the back of your neck and rub in. The muscle relaxing and pain relieving properties are quickly felt. This is another adult product for those 15+. The younger the person, the less you apply.

    Anti Stress Mister - This is for the busy person who works themselves into a stressful  state. Just spray and breathe it in. It's calming and energizing at the same time. Perfect for the home worker, student and a family favourite too.

    Dream Weaver Mister - This is a kid and young adult favourite! They just love this super calming and dreamy spray. Just spray it in the the bedroom before bed, or on the pillow too. A definite crowd pleaser and great to buy for someone when you're not sure what they like.

    Diffuser Bracelet Gift Sets - These diffuser bracelets are a wonderful way to use your essential oils on the go. They come with a diffuser bracelet, a 5ml bottle of Essential Oil and and instruction card. Happiness in a bag!

    Lip Balm - The perfect stocking addition, and everyone needs lip balm! One in every coat, in every purse, in the car and by your bed. Our lip balms are buttery soft and really heal and soothe those winter lips. We've just made a fresh batch of all our balms, so time to stock up.

    Feeling Good Salve - This one is special for the people in your life who have pain. This salve is the strongest pain reliever we make, and it's specific to nerve pain, chronic pain, and pain from trauma. A little goes a very long way with this pain relieving and healing salve.

    Bath Salts - Some traditions we don't mess with, and this includes giving people Bath Salts in their stockings. What you're really giving them is some destressing and chill time in the bath. Always a great gift.

    Crystal Hearts - These puffy hearts are so beautiful and a wonderful way to say you care for someone. They all come in a white organza bag with a description of the stone/crystal chosen.