DIY Weed Killer

Kill the pesky weeds in your garden the natural way.

Try a DIY Weed Killer that is natural and safe for you, your children, pets and the environment! Most of the ingredients you already have at home:  vinegar, essential oils and dish soap.  

DIY Weed Killer

Essential Oils for Weeds & Pests:

  • Clove is one of the best and most effective essential oils to use for killing weeds because of the high content of eugenol.

A Word About Salt

  • You can also add a half cup of salt to this recipe, but bear in mind that it can damage plants you love as well as the weeds.
  • We recommend not using the salt mixture near to plants you care about as it can affect them and make the soil around it difficult to cultivate for a looooong time.
  • Salt is a great addition for when you want to kill weeds coming up through your patio tiles or driveway.

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