7 Best Aromatherapy Gifts for Mom

Moms LOVE Aromatherapy

It's pretty universal that Moms love aromatherapy. It can help turn around a stressful, busy day and give her a moment of pampering any time she wants. 

Here are the 7 Best Aromatherapy Gifts for Mom.

 1. Headache Relief Roll On

Your Mom will definitely thank you for this one. Made with the essential oils of PeppermintLavender & Rosemary, it's one of our very best sellers because it simply works so well. 
It eases tension in your neck and shoulders, and if that wasn't enough, if you're suffering from a headache you can roll it into your hairline on the back of your neck to experience serious relief.
The pleasant feeling it gives lasts for about an hour and dissolves the stress. What Mom wouldn't love that? :)

2.  Anti Stress Mister

While we're talking about stress, Moms can easily slip into stress because so often she's super busy taking care of everybody. 
The Anti Stress Mister is a really good choice because it's "Quick Fix Aromatherapy". She can literally shake the mister, spray it and breathe in deeply to experience instant calming and energizing. 
It's made with the essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Fennel and Roman Chamomile. All of these oils aid in relaxation and calm, but in an energetic and happy way that is not sleepy. 

3. Healthy Glow Restorative Face & Neck Serum

Moms deserve to treat their skin as well as they treat us! A deeply nourishing face oil will make her feel special and her skin will thank you.
She'll love how her skin looks radiant with the amazing goodness in Healthy Glow.
The ingredients are amazing at feeding your skin with vitamins,skin renewing, anti aging properties, SPF protection, anti inflammatory and are not pore clogging.
The Essential Oils in this gorgeous blend provide deep healing, including reducing sun damage like dark spots, killing melonoma cells, reducing wrinkles, plumping the skin, restoring a healthy radiance.

4. Keep Calm Diffuser Bracelet Gift Set

Keep Mom feeling super calm with a Diffuser Bracelet!
The beauty of these is she can take her aromatherapy on the go. The lava beads absorb the essential oil and the aroma lasts for days, so she can take a deep inhale whenever, and wherever, she needs it!



5. Therapeutic Bath Soaks

It's pretty well established that soaking in a hot bath is right near the top of the list for a lot of people when it comes to relaxing. 

When Mom can close the door on the world for a while and take a little time for herself with a nice bath, that's a good day. 

Our bath soaks are SO lovely to soak in. They smell amazing (of course they do!) and they are loaded with therapeutic salts that will ease achy muscles and tired bodies while leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.


6. Soul Therapy Essential Oil Diffuser

If you're wanting to get something special for Mom, an essential oil diffuser is a great choice. She can enjoy it for years while you get massive "favourite child" points! ;)
The aroma of the essential oils is wonderful all on its own, but when you consider that they are also cleaning the air of germs and contributing to your Mom's well-being, a diffuser is a really thoughtful gift. 


7. Pure Essential Oils & Blends

We may be a little biased here, but Pure Essential Oils and Pure Essential Oil blends make lovely gifts. 

They are so versatile, there's an oil out there for everyone! Depending on what your Mom likes, we're confident you can find her one she will love.

Plus it goes great with that diffuser... 



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